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Lawrence Ethan was born in Hollywood and raised in the suburbs of the San Fernando Valley. He spent his formative years absorbing the dry desert sun and observing the fascinating tides of human nature.


The cadence of his footsteps on the long walk home was the first inklings of his future as a musician. Soon he received his first guitar and wasted no time learning how to compose his own music.


After teaching himself the bass and countless nights 'woodshedding,' he got his first chance to play in a band and perform live on stage. He was hooked.

It soon became evident that it was impossible to fit all of his song ideas on a four-track cassette recorder. The solution? Start working at a recording studio!

Little did he know that single decision would change the course of his life forever. Working his way up the ranks he engineered for some of the biggest names in the business, receiving many Gold Records. See Discography


After years of engineering and producing he felt his path didn't allow him to fully cultivate his songwriting and performing talents.


Lawrence moved into a new career that kept him in the studio but allowed the time to 'have a life' to write about.


Lawrence is continuing to work on his music with an incredible team including Kenny Aranoff, Tim Pierce, Jeff Babko, Mark Needham, and Tim Davis to name a few.

Every day his mission is to create music that is Real, Moving, and Insightful.

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