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Lawrence Ethan began his career as a recording engineer and songwriter in Los Angeles more than 30 years ago. Engineering for artists such as The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Steve Perry, Barenaked Ladies, Motörhead, and Def Leppard, he contributed to several gold and platinum-selling albums before releasing his own solo album, "Rock, Paper, Scissors" in 2006.

Adept at anticipating and patching technical issues on the fly, he has accrued extensive experience with the design, installation, and maintenance of studio spaces.


He served in Senior Engineering and Chief Technical roles for facilities such as Sunset Sound, Conway Recording Studios, Music Grinder, and Cello Studios, overseeing studio infrastructure, training and managing staff, and directing the maintenance, refurbishment, and customization of digital and analogue equipment including SSL, NEVE, AMEK, Trident, and API consoles.


In his current role as Chief Engineer and Director of Technical Operations for EastWest Studios in Hollywood, he combines his artistic sensibility and technical savvy to facilitate a seamless recording experience.


He cares for the technology so A-list artists including Lady Gaga, Paul McCartney, and the Foo Fighters can focus on what's really important - making music.


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